Why won’t my printer print?

I have purchased a new printer last week. I worked well for a few days, but now when I try to print the documents, it shows me an error. Why won’t my printer print? What Am I supposed to do?

This concern is very common with the customer using the printer. Be it, the old or new printing device, printing problems can occur anytime and may stop you from printing the documents. If you are also struggling to find ‘Why won’t my printer print the documents’, follow the guide and get a reliable solution to your problem.


Bad Connection

The bad connection between the printer and computer might be the reason due to which your print may not print the documents.  So, check all the cables connecting your printer and computer, there should be no breakage. Make sure cables are connected to the right port. If the cables are broken, replace them with the new ones. Also, wireless internet connection can also be the reason due to which your printer not printing the documents.  You can shut down the router and restart it to fix the printer connectivity issues. You can also try the router reset to troubleshoot the connectivity issue.

Outdated Drivers and Software

Drivers and software are responsible for the smooth communication between printer and the computer, making possible for the applications to send the data for printing. If your printer driver and software are outdated or if you have installed incorrect drivers, the printer won’t print from a computer. So, upgrade the drivers and fix this problem. For driver and software updates, you can visit the printer manufacturer website and download the latest version for your device.

Overloaded Printing Jobs

The overloaded printing jobs can also be the reason due to which your printer may stop functioning.  So, cancel all the printing jobs from the printing queue and troubleshoot the problem. Make sure that there is no pending job in your printing queue.

So, these are the most common concerns associated with the printer that does not let the device print the documents. Follow the troubleshooting guidelines carefully and fix your printer problem.

For the next time, if you ever come up with the issue like why won’t my printer print, check for the aforementioned flaws and troubleshoot the problem. In case, you still have a doubt, you can contact the experts and seek their assistance to fix the problem.