Troubleshoot my printer on this computer

Are you wondering how to troubleshoot my printer on this computer? We are here to help you! Printer problems are very common to occur, but you can easily resolve them by following some basic troubleshooting guidelines. So, if your printer is refusing to print the documents and you are struggling to ‘Troubleshoot my printer on this computer’, read the guide carefully and get answers to all your questions.

Troubleshoot Printer Problems: Guidelines to Follow  

Turn It Off and On Again

 Yes! Most of the printer problems go away just with the simple restart. Here, we mean to restart both the printer and computer.  If you are using the wireless printer, then do not forget to restart your wireless router as well. This may help you to troubleshoot the problem. 


Check the Data Connection

  Data Connection plays a very important role in printing the documents. If you are using the wired connection, check and make sure that all the plugs are properly connected to the device. If it does not help you to fix the issue, try using the cable with another device to troubleshoot printer problems. If you are using the wireless printer, refer to the printer manual and make sure your device is properly connected to the wireless network for printing the documents.  You can also check the dashboard of your router to see the list of connected devices. 

You can also go for the wired connection if your wireless connection is not working fine. 

Printer Error Messages

 If your printing device is showing you some error message, warning lights or signals then we recommend you to follow the printer manual to diagnose the errors. You can also visit the printer’s official site to find the troubleshooting solution to printer error. 

Paper Jam Errors

 Paper Jam error occurs when your printer paper jams the rolling process of your printer device which moves the paper through your device.  There could be several reasons behind this problem like torn or folded paper, printing pulling more than one paper at a time and so on. For troubleshooting printer problems, open the panel and extract the paper from it carefully. Also, always use good quality paper to print the documents. 

Ink and Toner Issues

 If your printing is sharing the dull, faded printer outcomes, you might be running low on toner or ink. So, if your printer is printing the colourless poor documents, replace the ink cartridges with the new one. This will help you to tackle this situation and resolve the problem. 

Outdated Printer Software

 Outdated printer software will not let you print the documents or use printer services. So, make sure your printer drivers are up to date. If your printer is not updated, the communication between printer and computer will not properly take place causing trouble in printing the documents. So, update the printer software to continue to normal printing functions. To update the software, you can visit the Printer’s official website and download the necessary software and drivers for your device. Also, do not forget to check the device compatibility. The software you are going to download must be compatible with your device.

Hopefully, the aforementioned guidelines will help you to ‘troubleshoot my printer on this computer’ problem. But, if you are still unable to print the documents, you can take the professional’s advice from printer experts and fix the concern.