Find and fix printer problems windows 10

One of the perks of using the Windows 10 computer, it that it allows you to add the extra peripherals to your device like a printer. If you do run into the trouble while setting up the printer in your Windows 10 device, you can simply find and fix printer problems Windows 10. Most of the time, you try resolving the issue by checking the connectivity and cables. Also, printer driver installation is a must to use the printer. Below, we are sharing the simple guidelines to find and fix printer problems Windows 10 in your device.

Check for the Missing Cables and Wireless Connection

 One of the most common printer setup issues connectivity between the printer and computer.  For the wired printer, check and make sure that the cables are properly plugged in. Modern printers use the Ethernet port, so double-check and make sure that your cable perfectly fits both ends to diagnose printer problems in Windows 10.


For wireless, check the connectivity and make sure your device is properly connected to the network. You can go through the printer documentation for further guidelines. There is a WPS button present on the printer and router to connect it to the wireless network. So, make sure you press the button on both devices to establish an error-free connection.

Install the Missing Printer Drivers

Printer drivers play the role of communication between the printer and the computer.  In most of the cases, you are not required to do anything for driver installation. Microsoft handle the task itself.  But, if you still lack the drivers for printer setup, you can install them from the printer manufacturer official website. So, download the right drivers for your printer and fix the problem.

Set the Default Printer

 If you have installed more than one printer, you may face troubles while printing the documents. Set your printer as the default printer to fix this issue. This will help you to avoid sending the documents for printing to the wrong printer accidentally. To fix printer problems in Windows 10, set your printer as default with guidelines below:

  • Right-click on Windows Start menu.

  • Go to the Settings.

  • Choose Devices>> Printer and canner.

  • Uncheck ‘Allow Windows to manage my default printer’ checkbox.

  • Click on your printer and click on Manage.

  • In the ‘Printer Management Settings’, click on ‘Set as Default Printer’ to set your printer as the default.

This will set your printer as default and fix the problems.

Run the Windows troubleshooter

If none of the aforementioned steps are helping you out, Run the Windows 10 troubleshooter to diagnose printer problems Windows 10. This will help you to check the printer configuration and also guide you with some simple steps to set up your device for printing the documents.

  • Launch printer troubleshooter with a right-click on your Start menu.

  • Go to the Settings and choose the Update Security option.

  • Click on Troubleshoot.

  • Under the ‘Get Up and Running’ section, click on the printer.

  • Run the troubleshooter.

  • Choose your printing device from the given list. If your printer is not on the list, choose ‘My printer is not listed’.

  • Tap on the next.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting guidelines will fix your printer problems. If your printing device is still not working and you are unable to find and fix printer problems Windows 10, we recommend you contact the experts and seek their assistance to troubleshoot the problem