Brother printer installation without CD

Have you recently purchased the Brother printer and are struggling to complete the Brother printer installation without a CD? Well! The printer installation process is pretty simple, you just need to follow some simple instructions and you can set up the printer on your device. When it comes to printing the documents wirelessly, Brother shares the best printing experience with the users. Most of the time, the printing device comes with an installation cd. but, if you have lost the CD and want to complete the setup, you can still do it. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions for Brother printer installation without a CD on the computer. So, read the guide carefully and follow all the steps to avoid trouble in the process.


Install the Brother Printer Without CD

The following Brother Printer Wireless Setup Wizard will help you to complete the setup process without any trouble. Here are the guidelines you can follow to setup printer hassle-free:

  • Connect your Brother Printer to Computer using the USB cable.

  • Once you have connected the device, hit the power button. Now, on the screen of your computer, you will see a window pop-up appearing for the printer installation.  If you are unable to see the pop, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Visit the Brother Printer official website, click on the link present on the top of the homepage.

  • On the Homepage of Brother printer, click on the button titled ‘Software and Download’. This will help you to download all the required drivers and software on your device.

  • Go to the drop-down menu and select your printer. Now, you will see another drop-down menu appear. From this menu, you have to choose the model number of your Brother printer.

  • After choosing your Brother Printer mode, you need to tap on the View button. Here, you can see another list of links on the Software download page.

  • Check the operating system details of your system ad click on the ‘Driver Information’ link. Complete the driver installation on your device and once you are done with the installation, follow the onscreen guidelines to install Brother printer on your device.

  • To make sure that you have properly installed the printer, print the test page. If everything is working fine and no issue arises while printing the test page, the printer installation is successfully completed. Otherwise, you need to work to troubleshoot the error.

Hopefully, with the help of these simple guidelines, you can complete the Brother printer installation without cd on your device. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt, or you have a problem with driver download, or you are unable to use the device for printing documents, contact the printer experts.

The professionals can help you to figure out the problem and troubleshoot it. So, get in touch with the experts today and take their assistance to complete the printer installation and use printer services without any hassle.